KUILU Elevators LTD

Challenging traditional businesses with our cost-efficient approach

Professional, family-owned company

KUILU Elevators is an experienced expert in the elevator business. We are a family-owned company, located in the Pirkanmaa region in Western Finland. The driving force behind our business is our passion towards the field. Our products and services include elevator renovation and modernization, elevator maintenance, elevator installation, and training new professionals in the field. We also service marine elevators.

Our core values are responsibility, protecting the environment, transparency and accessibility. We are easy to reach, and our goal is that you will get a solution to your elevator troubles with just one phone call.

Only the best for our customers

In all of our projects, we only utilize the best, latest technology in the field. The components we use go through a meticulous inspection to achieve a result that is equivalent to a brand new, modern elevator. Our worker safety meets the requirements of standard SFS5880. Professional, reliable workers are our strength, and we aim to be the most appealing employer in the elevator business in the future.

See you soon!

We are eagerly waiting for you to contact us, and more than happy to come to your site to tell you more about our products and services in person! All questions and inquiries are welcome. Our hope is to find the best possible solution tailored to the specific needs of your building.

Our strengths

  • Experience of working with thousands of elevators over a period of 13 years

  • Our operation covers all of Finland, as well as the international market

  • We offer reliable and honest service provided by trained professionals